Thank you for your interest in supporting the Avian Conservation Center’s Swallow-tailed Kite research initiatives.

One of the best ways to support our work is through your continued participation in our Citizen Science Research Project for the Swallow-tailed Kite. We ask you to report all sightings of Swallow-tailed Kites to our database:  Please make sure to note in the additional comments section if you have been seeing these birds at the same location more than once a week, or any potential nesting sites.

Another great way to support our efforts is through sharing our work with others. Please inform your friends, family and colleagues about Swallow-tailed Kites, and encourage them to report their sightings as well. Also, like us on social media via the Citizen Science for Swallow-tailed Kites Facebook page, The Center for Birds of Prey Facebook page, and Center for Birds of Prey Instagram. Then, share our social media pages with others to continue to spread the message.

Financial support via donations and memberships can help in a variety of areas.  Funds can provide continued improvements to the Citizen Science Database, including easier submission and increased data analysis.  Financial support can also help treat injured Swallow-tailed Kites in our Avian Medical Clinic.  Because of the nature of these birds, they often require more time and resources during the rehabilitation process than other raptor species.  This type of support can continue to provide education about Swallow-tailed Kites via our educational programs, where we see over 10,000 visitors annually.

Isabelle Valiulis is a senior at Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston, SC. She has contributed to the creation of these Swallow-tailed Kite pages to help further kite conservation and education. Excited about wildlife, Belle hopes to continue her education by majoring in Zoology during college.