Palmetto Giving Day is a 24-hour, online giving event focused on 33 nonprofit organizations which serve Georgetown County. Your gift will help make the first Palmetto Giving Day a huge success. The Center’s entire community of donors can contribute to this event and help us achieve important strategic objectives that will advance avian science and education.


Thank you to each of the 109 individuals who made a gift to the Center for Palmetto Giving Day. Donors raised a cumulative total of $41,510 for the Center’s campaign, surpassing the goal of $35,000 by over 18%. 


Collectively, Palmetto Giving Day provided $676,693 through 1,653 gifts to 33 nonprofit organizations. Thanks to donors’ generosity, the Center ranked #4 in total gifts and #8 in total dollars raised among the 33 participating organizations.


The support of each gift is gratifying. These contributions make a critical impact on the Center’s work.

What next?

In addition to addressing immediate needs for the Center’s medical, educational, research, and conservation work, donors have helped achieve significant milestones including:


Securing important matching funds

  • The Center secured 100% of all matching funds available for Palmetto Giving Day


Addressing strategic staffing needs

  • Beginning May 3, the Center has hired a new Advancement Associate which will expand the capacity for both earned income and development revenue


Conducting annual training for oil spill response readiness

  • The Center can begin the logistical process of arranging the next training session to continue oil spill response readiness


Creating a specialized enclosure for injured shorebirds admitted to the Medical Clinic

  • Increased attention and awareness has been brought to the Center’s treatment capacity for shorebirds, preparing the way for an eventual capital expansion with a specialized shorebird recovery enclosure


A special thank you to generous matching gifts made possible by:

The Faces of Philanthropy at the Center

What is motivating others to support the conservation and education work at the Center on Palmetto Giving Day?

Residents of Daniel Island, Dean and Laurie Hubbs moved from Northern Virginia when Dean’s job with SAIC brought them to Charleston. The Hubbs have pledged to make a gift on Tuesday, May 2nd in support of the Center’s Palmetto Giving Day Campaign. Center staff asked the Hubbs to share their inspiration for contributing to this day of giving.

What drives your philanthropic decision making?
We are deeply committed to conservation, education and the arts. Because the focus on both conservation and education we feel good about contributing to the Center for the Birds of Prey.

What most inspires or excites you about supporting the Center?
The work is important and the birds are just cool! We love taking friends and out-of-town visitors to the birds of prey center. It is such a unique experience for visitors. And, having the opportunity to witness the release of recovered birds back into the wild is thrilling.

Why are you giving on Palmetto Giving Day specifically?
We believe in any opportunity to maximize our contributions. For that reason we are excited that on Palmetto Giving Day our donation will go a long way toward meeting the matching goal.

What would you say to someone who was considering a gift to the Center but had not made up their mind yet?
If you are on the fence about giving to the Center, listen carefully to any of the staff talk about the importance of birds as an early warning system for the well-being of humans. Or, attend a bird release and witness a rehabilitated bird being released into the wild. Or, visit the bird washing facility that stands ready to launch should an oil spill endanger birds on the East coast. Each of these efforts are worthy of support and the Charleston area is lucky enough to host a facility that does all of these things.

A Volunteer Staff member at the Avian Medical Clinic since 2015, Larry Jones has always loved the Charleston area, its history, culture and natural beauty. When looking for attractions in Charleston to visit, Larry’s wife insisted that the Center be among the first. Initially ambivalent about a “bird” center visit, Larry realized after the tour that he must become a part of this wonderful place and supportive of it in any way that could be of value.

What drives your philanthropic decision making?
To see and understand the value of the raptors, the precarious nature of their survival and to witness the efforts of some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met to save these invaluable animals is so very inspirational. The “hands on” work as a volunteer is so gratifying and points out glaringly how much more can be done. Funding is crucial.

What aspect of the Center’s work do you most enjoy?
I work in the medical clinic and am so grateful to have such a unique opportunity to interact directly with the birds. There’s no way to adequately describe that incredible experience. Secondarily, the staff and volunteers at the Center are among the most special people I’ve ever met. I’ve never been involved with a more intelligent, caring, dedicated and passionate group of people. They are a truly remarkable team of folks working tirelessly with a single minded purpose. I’m so grateful to be a small part of this wonderful “family.”

What do you hope will be different as a result of your gift?
The Center has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. If the incredible work done here is to continue and grow, the need for funding will grow as well. I’m happy to play a part and hope many others will as well.

What would you say to someone who was considering a gift to the Center but had not made up their mind yet?
Come to the Center, see what’s been achieved to date and evaluate for yourself how greater resources could be used to broaden and grow the effort. I expect you, like me, will become possessed with the same zeal to help in any way you can.

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